Sunday, June 17, 2012

Changing with the tide...


The tide of life, that is. Ebb and flow, winding, climbing, exploring, growing, grieving, rejoicing. Our family has experienced all of those in the past 10 years. My little business grew from the roots of changing tides and new beginnings and blossomed into something so important to me. I never knew what I intended for this little Itsystitch adventure, but it's been a cathartic and exciting experience this past year. A little overwhelming at times, as I find my rhythm and methods. I realized over the course of the past several weeks, that what I really LOVE are the mini dolls. I don't NOT love the big ones (double negative, I know), but I ADORE the minis. They fit into my life and the rhythm I have found since my husband left for his overseas job (he spends a good portion of each year out of the country for work). They allow me to find my creativity, and pour it into each one, without holing up in my studio for too many hours and days each week. My mom, who helps me, loves them for the very same reasons.

 I have been offering both sizes, because, well, that's what you *do* when you have a waldorf doll business. I've really wanted to focus on only minis ever since I designed them, but felt trapped by non-existent rules. Then I realized, this is MY life, and MY business (silly!) and if I love making the mini dolls and they help me find balance, then that's what I'm going to offer. I can't say this will never change, but I feel that right now, this is the best choice for the kids and me. Not to mention, over 70% of my sales have been for mini dolls since I introduced them! I think they are so appealing because, well frankly, to make a decent living sewing larger waldorf dolls, you need to charge at least $200+ for them. I know what it's like to live on a budget, and I know what it's like to go without. Instead of raising the prices of the larger dolls and alienating a large portion of the market in today's economy, I can focus on the smaller size, while still keeping the prices well under the $200 mark. I love that people who could not otherwise afford a doll can buy an Itsy Mini.

 I will always have a soft spot for the larger dolls, they are where I began, how I learned, and how I grew, but after I finish the last of the 15" customs for the summer, I will only be offering mini 10" dolls. Thank you to all my loyal 15" customers, and I hope you will still return for the pint sized pals as well! I plan to offer ready to ship minis, custom minis, boy and girl minis, mermaid minis (the first is in the works and is STUNNING!), and special edition dolls with 1-3 extra outifts.  You may find me uploading a limited edition 12-15" doll every once in awhile, if the mood strikes me, but I will not be taking custom orders at this time.

The blog has been started fresh and I have cleared all prior posts because I'm trying to avoid confusing new customers with posts featuring multiple sizes of dolls.  Thank you so much everyone! And yes, a July giveaway is in the works to celebrate the new direction for Itsystitch.


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