Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Last Request.

Today is my son Javen's birthday. He is the second oldest, and the most laid back of all my kids. He turns 11 today. I can hardly believe it! Javen is a quiet, talented guy who loves to sketch and draw and color and paint. He loves European cars, and watching Top Gear with me, as long as we have a big bag of spicy pork rinds nearby. He is a natural athlete who can run for miles and throw a football like a pro, with zero coaching. He has a small grin, loves his hair to be long and curly, and rarely gets irritated. He has a soft spot for any small, cuddly animal, and he adores his stuffed toys. He's also been known to rescue injured birds.

I bought him a Hot Wheels track for his birthday (his obsession with cars extends to toy cars as well), along with a mass of art supplies and assumed that he would be delighted. He hasn't opened them yet, but I'm sure he will love them. However, there was one last minute addition to his gifts: Xavier Green. I was working in my home studio yesterday, when Javen walked in and saw me stitching a body for a ready to ship doll. He casually glanced at me, smiled and walked out of the room. I faintly heard him whisper with excitement "I think mommy is making me a waldorf doll!!"

I was blown away with the excitement and longing in his voice. My soon-to-be 11 year old son wanted a doll! He and his brother have a few dolls, including Emme (a mini they totally designed themselves), that I made a while back, but I never dreamed he would want one for his 11th birthday. A thought occurred to me, "Amie, this is possibly the last year Javen will ever want for a waldorf doll for his birthday, so you darn well better make him one" So make him one, I did. A little green eyed fellow with the same small grin that Javen has, and head of wild hair. When I finished the doll's hair, it looked a little too perfect, so I chopped into it here and there to give it more of a wild, unkempt look. The little friend looked back at me, and I named him Xavier Green. Hopefully I can finish a little shorts set in time for Javen to open him, so Mr. Xavier is not, how shall we say, nude. It touched my heart to have confirmation that, while Javen is growing up, he is not yet grown up.


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