Monday, July 23, 2012

Recent work and fall musings...

2 1 rainbow-104 blue-104 It's been a loooong, hot summer, with not much to do around these parts but sew.  I can't complain, I SO adore making dolls!  I'm already thinking toward fall, and the crisp smell the air will have, the colors, holidays, and textures of the season.  Colors and thoughts that are inspiring me:  apple cider, evergreens, sienna sunsets, acorn squash, cherry red apples, granny smith green,  raking leaves, sweaters, wool, scarves...

So much to look forward to!


  1. I have just finished reading the article about you in ALL YOU mag! It's stories like yours that give me hope and inspiration, thanks.
    I am a Folk Artist living on the New Jersey shore. I am just getting my etsy shop off the ground, while working 2 part-time jobs! I love the dolls, they are so adorable. I remember in the early 80's when I made Cabbage Patch Kids for my 2 little boys for Christmas because I couldn't afford them. They were a big hit!
    I will check back often, Jeanne

  2. I just finished reading the article in All You magazine. Thanks for your inspiring story! The dolls are adorable and I honestly hope one day to be able to buy 3 for my wonderful granddaughters... Thanks again for sharing!

  3. Hi I want your pink hair doll how much is it